Tips and tricks: What you need to know when applying to colleges


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College readiness is about time for many high school students. Take the time to seek help for your best interest in going to college.

College is a new step for many students of the United States. Often, many will stress and become overwhelmed with the whole process in applying to colleges. Not only this, but it is common for a student to be unsure of what they want to pursue as a career. Though, there are still ways to receive help such as through an advisor, counselor, teacher, and more.
Colton Hardy, a senior at Lincoln East, states his thoughts on what is needed to be accepted to colleges. “Good grades and experience probably,” Colton Hardy said. “That’s about it. Just about enough experience as you can get.” It is not hard to do well in school if the effort is there. It is better to have a good work ethic prior to high school, in order to be ready for college.
The ACT and SAT are commonly known to be required for many colleges. ACT tests are often asked for in the midwestern United States, while the SAT is required on the east and west coasts. Students who have not taken the ACT or SAT, or want more practice, may be given the chance to take a PACT (Pre-ACT) or PSAT (Pre-SAT).
Jaden Deal, a junior at Lincoln East, is clear when he explained how college is needed in order for his future career to play out smoothly. Yes, there are a bunch of jobs awaiting with no college education, but a higher education can give one more opportunities later on. Though college allows a greater chance of financial success, it may also give someone a job they can enjoy doing.
Time flies in high school, and sooner than later will it be over. Getting the help one needs to get ready for college is in their best interest.
At Lincoln East High School, information regarding preparation for college, applications, schools will be located in the counseling center and their website: . Counselors will provide assistance with any questions or concerns for getting set on colleges.