The benefits of being involved during high school

Elegance 2019-2020 poses for a picture with a pack of orbit gum, last year.

As a senior at Lincoln East, I have learned just how important it is to get involved in clubs in high school. Over the past four years I have been involved in Speech, NHS, Student Council, Computer Science Honor Society, the Oracle Student Newspaper, Eco club, Show Choir, Ambassadors, Circle of Friends, and more. I played softball and track and even ran for a summer with the cross country team. I worked a job and was involved in organizations outside of school like NHRI and Lincoln G.O.L.D. Overall, I like to think of myself as a positive person who likes to meet new people and learn new things and that is why I think I love clubs. Within this article, I will talk about how clubs help you network, explore your interests, and improve your academic performance.
To start, networking is extremely important and a great way to do that is through clubs. The past couple of years, I have really learned that life is so much about who you know. Clubs and activities help you to meet new people that you would have probably never met otherwise, and a lot of the time they have the same interests as you. I know from personal experience, as I have met my best friends in Student Council, Show Choir, Newspaper, and Circle of Friends! I have gotten to meet important people in the Lincoln community as well as club sponsors that I will remember for the rest of my life. And from conversations with them, I know that this is the same for many other students.
In addition, being involved in clubs also lets you explore your interests in a fun and safe environment. At East, clubs and activities are fun and open to anyone. They want you to join and if you don’t want to come again, you don’t have to. I know for me, when I heard about Eco club, I knew I wanted to join. I have a passion for environmentalism and hope to study it in college, so one day I went. And I loved it. I got to do hands on activities with people who were like me and now, senior year, I am the president. In student council I have learned how to plan events, interview well, and make calls to businesses. Sometimes, you just got to go for it.
For another point of view, I talked to senior Abby Chan about joining clubs and activities at East. Abby is super involved at East. Currently, she is the President of Key club, the NHS and CSHS Community Outreach leader, varsity tennis player, Girl-Up Nebraska Vice-President, Varsity Debate, on the Governor’s Youth Advisory Council, and a Nebraska Appleseed Intern. Her advice is to look at the club you want to join on social media.
“So if you are on the fence about joining, I would highly recommend looking through their page and even DMing them with any questions you may have,” Abby said. “I have done it plenty of times to get clarification on events but also to have at least one person you already know before you walk into the club for the first time!”
This is great advice for first timers. I know personally that I have done this and have gotten a lot of information from a club’s instagram account. She also mentioned that she couldn’t have imagined high school without being involved in clubs and activities and pushes for students to try many clubs, so you can find one that resonates with you.
Lastly, being involved in high school does help you academically. According to Crimson Education, one of the world’s top university admissions support companies, “Participating in activities you are passionate about can increase your brain function, helps you concentrate and manage your time better, all of which contribute to higher grades.” I have noticed this in myself. When I am busy with clubs and activities, I am more focused and know how to spend my time. It may seem as though clubs are just time wasters, but they are actually not. They help you boost your resume and college applications. Clubs are awesome.
Overall, be open minded and optimistic if you are skeptical about joining a club. Remember that high school is all about trying new things. Through clubs you get to meet new people, you get to explore your interests, and do better academically. Who knows, you might just find your best friend in Spanish Club. Or your future spouse while on the cross country team. Consider joining a new club and you just might love it!