What is East High looking forward to in 2021?

What Lincoln East students and staff are hoping for in 2021


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With 2021 just around the corner, everyone at East is looking forward to a fresh start. Ether that is a fresh start for new classes, an end to the pandemic, or big changes to social problems in America. Teachers are looking forward to kids being overall happier and more successful.

Fall is over, and with that the new year is coming soon. The end of the semester is closing for schools and everyone on East campus is more than ready for a fresh start next semester. Students and staff are talking about their views on the year, and what they are crossing their fingers for next semester.
For students, next semester houses an opportunity for better grades in their new classes. However for teachers, their primary worry is connecting with their students. In the new year, teachers are looking forward to seeing kids face’s again.
“The lack of connection…” East teacher, Tonya Hoham said. “We only get to see kids for two days. And when we start to get to know you, we don’t see you for another week.”
Unfortunately, this is a popular dread from the teachers around the school. Many of the staff find this year ‘exasperating’ as they teach everyday without that personal fulfilment. Teaching ‘zombies’ and kids with ‘lifelessness’ in their classes.
“2020 has been disappointing… I feel for the students and for the losses you guys have had to experience,” Hoham said. And the students agree with that. Every student has missed milestone experiences from big wins in sports to traditional school trips. Students are calling 2020 a ‘dumpster fire’ or ‘stressful’ along with uncensored words I’m not allowed to publish. And understandably so, everyone is looking forward to the new year.
The Spartans are looking to the horizon, smiling on with crossed fingers. Commonly, kids are counting down the days where they can see their friends again without Covid-19 hanging over them. Seeing family again, having high school social activities like basketball games and show choir competitions. As well as changes to the US government, like President-elect Biden winning the vote. And human rights issues like the Black Lives Matter movement that have been in the headlines of 2020.
“2020 is the year that you unplug, let it sit for like 30 seconds and then plug it back in again,” East teacher Mrs. Roh said. It is clear that the entire community, along with everyone else in the world, is ready to unplug 2020. And enter the new year with a real fresh start.