East talent show ‘SNATRAPS’ takes the stage in a different form


Photo by Joel Bierbower

SNATRAPS has taken many unique forms over the years, but now this year will be different, as the beloved talent show goes digital.

SNATRAPS. When individuals in the community or those new to East first hear the word, no doubt they are confused. Is it an acronym, spelled incorrectly, or maybe an inside joke? But to those well versed in the school culture, it takes on a special meaning. But how did this show become an annual tradition?
The idea for SNATRAPS was conceived about a decade ago. East’s Student Council wanted an event which allowed the student body to get involved while providing a voice to those who desperately longed for a way to express themselves. They named the show SNATRAPS, which is SPARTANS spelled backwards. While on the surface it’s a talent show, the event also serves as a fundraiser, raising money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The goal is to reach $10,000 by the end of the night.
Over the years, many students have been onstage to showcase their passions or unique talents. Performers have included singers, dancers, pianists, cloggers, acrobats, instrumentals, and even hula hoop tricks.
Traditionally, SNATRAPS has been held in the auditorium in January, creating a warm spot during an uneventful month. However, due to the recent events of this past year, the show has made an epic shift in how it will occur. This year, the show will be entirely digital, taking the form of a film-like production. “We are very excited to experiment with this format and hopefully reach a larger crowd,” student council member and show organizer Drew Huscher said. “We also are working on setting up a donation link for Make-A-Wish and plan on bringing back SNATRAPS t-shirts. We encourage anyone interested to buy a shirt or donate.”
As of right now, there is no exact date for SNATRAPS 2021. Even though the show is using a new format, the traditional talent sharing will continue all while still benefiting a worthwhile cause.