What’s happening with spring sports?

Everything you need to know about Track and Field, Soccer, Baseball, and Tennis with the current Covid-19 regulations


Photo by East High Athletics (website)

Spring sports look a little different this year due to the current Covid-19 protocols in place, but they will continue with student and staff safety being prioritized.

Last spring, with the escalating severity of Covid-19, all spring sports were canceled just as they began to take off. Mandatory practices in March 2020 were abruptly cut short, while every student transferred to school online. East continues to deal with Covid-19 everyday, and the approaching spring season is not exempt to those same concerns regarding safety.
The continuation of the highly anticipated seasons are of utmost importance. However, the health of the student athletes is always the first priority. Mychal Lanik, the Varsity Baseball Coach, elaborates on the attention they are giving to the well-being of their athletes.
“We will go to any means necessary to make sure our players have a healthy, safe baseball season,” Lanik said.
Through the ever-changing Covid protocols, the spring sports seasons are still taking place. Nonetheless, they will be done differently than they were in years prior. Such additions like masks, distancing, and minimal touching are only some of the safety measures that will be in play. One of the tennis coaches, Alex Kolbo describes the precautions that the tennis team will be implementing.
“We sanitize before practice and before any match,” Kolbo said. “We no longer have water bottles for the team, instead everyone has to bring their own.”
Baseball, track and field, soccer, tennis, and golf started only a few weeks ago. Preparations for the seasons were well thought out, and the athletes got ready for the seasons as usual. The adverse Covid-19 guidelines will not hinder the success and continuance of the spring sports for the 2021 season.