Humans of Lincoln East: Hailey Veil


Photo by Courtesy of Hailey Veil

Freshman Hailey Veil is not only new at East but also to Nebraska.

Freshman Hailey Veil is not only new at East but also to Nebraska. She moved from Kentucky in late May when her mom got a new job. Hailey has moved often; she was born in North Dakota, and as a two week old, she moved with her family to Oklahoma, then four years later to Kentucky and after ten years to Nebraska.
“I didn’t want to move because most of my life was in Kentucky and all of my friends,” said Hailey. “But now I have friends here so I’m doing alright.”
One of Hailey’s favorite memories before she moved from Kentucky was when her friends and her had just got back from the swimming pool and they decided to fill up a baby pool with water balloons.When she is able to visit back in Kentucky, she enjoys those moments.
One thing that surprised Hailey about Nebraska was how much snow it gets. However, she isn’t a stranger to it because she visits North Dakota often for family events.
While she was living in Kentucky, Hailey started swimming at age six, then she participated in club swimming for two years, and that led her to get involved with the East swim team.
She is new to show choir but decided to audition after hearing about it in her choir class. Hailey is a soprano in East’s prep group, Elevation.
She has enjoyed meeting new people but sometimes it can be hard, especially at show choir events where everyone is wearing the same outfit and you can’t see their whole face due to the face coverings.
One of her favorite classes is math. “There is only one right answer,” she said. Unlike English class, where there are many ways of interpreting something, it might not always be taken the right way. Hailey likes that math is straight to the point.
Hailey also enjoys baking and painting. Hailey’s specialities are brownies, peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, or edible cookie dough. She likes to paint fun characters like Buddy the Elf or Plankton from Spongebob Squarepants on her mirror in her room alongside some canvas paintings.
In the short amount of time that Hailey has been a student at East, she has found many new interests around the school. Although she has lived in multiple places, she has built great relationships with many people throughout her life. She has grown and discovered many interests of her own.