Why it’s practical to enroll in The Career Academy


Photo by Courtesy of Colton Hardy

Giving yourself the chance to learn new skills and conquer challenges may open your mind to the possibilities the world has for you. Take the opportunity to meet new people, build knowledge, and feel welcomed at TCA as Colton Hardy did.

It is hard to become skilled in a pathway if you do not have the right people teaching you. The Career Academy (TCA) is a recommended course to enroll in because of the pride their teachers take in teaching their students well, in order to use skills learned here for future careers.
One student in particular, Colton Hardy, is currently involved in the residential construction pathway. “I learned a lot of essential stuff for where I want to go [through this program],” he said. “You have to learn the basics to climb the ladder.” Using the knowledge gained from this school, he explained how he can now fix the hole in his wall at home, using drywall techniques learned at TCA.
Having connections with students and staff at TCA is vital for productive learning. The social life is bright and active at TCA. While enrolled at TCA, Hardy explained how people have treated him well, and he’s made some new friends. Many friendships can be made at TCA and there is usually a positive learning environment.
As for if Colton will use his knowledge from TCA in the future, he said “definitely, 100% so. I plan on my future being within this field.” This is due to the fact that students learn challenging skills at TCA, which would allow them to seek careers within their pathway.
Hardy has not been offered any apprenticeship opportunities yet, but when it becomes closer to summer, many companies ask students from TCA to work part-time jobs with them during the season.
“If there is a career here that you want to take, this would be the best place for it,” Hardy said.
You receive many opportunities and chances in life, but TCA is one you do not want to miss. TCA provides retainable knowledge used in the real workforce. Here, students can make new friends, feel welcomed, and receive high school or college credits for three periods a day. If you want to fill some spots on your schedule or learn career level thinking, then TCA is the perfect place for you.