Prom: Is it happening?

Everything you need to know about regulations and guidelines in regards to prom and Covid-19


Photo by Joel Bierbower

Prom should be an unforgettable high school experience. What would happen if it gets taken away?

There are many events students look forward to when they finally reach high school: sitting in the student section at games, getting a driver’s license, pep rallies, band, clubs, sports, spending time with friends, and maybe even being in a relationship, but one event every student looks forward to is, without a doubt, prom.
Yes, prom. The one night of the year teens plan months in advance. Of course there’s the theme, “promposal,” dresses and tuxes, shoes, jewelry, and hair. Then the pictures, eating, dancing, and of course the after-prom party. But prom is much more than that. Good or bad, it’s a night teens remember for the rest of their lives. Every little moment, from the proposal to the actual event, is memorable.
When following guidelines and CDC restrictions, there are numerous changes impacting how society works in 2021. Despite this, many schools in the area are having prom this year.
But in light of the still ongoing and seemingly never-ending COVID-19 Pandemic, East’s prom hadn’t been addressed until recently. With the recent LPS announcement to allow more fans and a student section at games, as well as concessions, this opens the door for more conversations and opportunities related to other traditional school events. But what does this mean for all of the juniors and seniors who are eager to have prom and a sense of normalcy? Will there be a dance? We as a student body want to know: will there even be a prom and after-prom at all?
East High students no longer have to wait for an answer. Finally, we have confirmation about the much-awaited 2021 prom announcement.
“There will be a prom. It will be in April on the 24th in the gym. It will be seniors only,” Principal Sue Cassata said. “We’re trying to give the seniors an experience they missed out on as juniors, recognizing the fact that it’s not going to be the same.” She added, “At this point, we can’t invite dates, just because I want to make sure every senior has a chance to come.”
In addition to prom being seniors only, the theme will likely be the same as last year’s proposed theme, which was based around the Roaring Twenties. There will also be no post prom. “Families and outside organizations that hold pre and post prom gatherings should follow the same safety protocols to help reduce the risk of spread of COVID-19 in our community and schools,” as stated in a recent e-mail from LPS.
Prom is a right of passage, providing teens a unique event that will never be duplicated again in their lives. While the capacity will be limited, it is for the safety of the student body, and everyone else as a whole. April 24th can’t get here soon enough!