Students return to Spartan campus full time after a full year of remote learning

What does this mean for you?


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Parking lots and hallways are more crowded as students return full time.

For an entire year, students in Lincoln have been learning on Zoom and using more of other online resources. But as students across the Lincoln return from spring break, the split schedule of zoom and in person will end. Hallways, classrooms, lunchrooms, and the parking lot are now back to familiar capacity. It is going to remain this way for the rest of the quarter (unless unforeseen obstacles pop up) so kids can learn better in more interactive classrooms.
But now that students are back full time, what do we do now? Has the mask mandate been loosened now that we are all back? To answer that question, “Absolutely no health policies have been changed,” East principal Susan Cassata said.
Cassata is dedicated to making sure that the school understands that the only thing that has changed, is the number of people in the classroom. Booster lessons are being made to reinforce the idea of keeping the school safe, as well as encouraging teachers to be more strict when it comes to parameters.
Coaches of spring sports this year are continuing to hold fully masked practices and outdoor workouts, as well as preparing some of their athletes for the sad realization that they may not have a full season or may only participate in one game or meet. “But the traditions stay the same,” track coach John Gingery said. “It’s important now more than ever to focus on the kids and try to get the them to as many meets as we can… and to control what we can control.”
Cassata and the rest of the staff including teachers are very happy to see kids again. A resounding feeling of optimism is glowing in the halls. Teachers are more enthusiastic now that their jobs are easier with more student participation as well as well as more assignments turned in. A happy consequence of students seeing them face to face, through masks of course. Teachers rejoice at the fact that kids are already improving in classes, lectures are more intuitive, and kids are actually starting to turn in assignments. Although not completely back to normal, there is still some hope that it will be soon.
Students returning to school full time is a breath of fresh air of normality to us all, but it is important to take those breaths with our masks on and at least six feet apart.