Humans of Lincoln East: Ella Swank


Photo by Hayden Rooney

Ella Swank a sophomore at Lincoln East in 2020-2021, smiling for a picture.

Lincoln East High School is filled with so many amazing humans that you should get to know, but one in particular that you really need to meet is Ella Swank. This spunky, sweet human is someone you can always talk to, and really does care about everyone around her.
Ella Swank is a sophomore here at East and is involved in many activities. Some of those are Elegance Show Choir, Theatre, Key Club, Tri-M, Youth Leadership Lincoln, Sheridan Lutheran church, Speech, Unified Bowling, and the Penguin Project. She loves learning new things and chatting with literally anyone around her.
To no surprise, Ella’s favorite class is music. She has a beautiful, powerful voice that she uses to bring others joy and entertainment in show choir and theatre. She loves singing and acting with other students and hopes to continue to do so after high school.
One of Ella’s passions is working with students with disabilities and making sure they feel included. She is a part of Circle of Friends as well as Unified Bowling and is even trying to create a unified One-Act play here at East before her senior year. Ella is also thinking about becoming a special education teacher after high school as she never wants anyone to feel excluded.
“I just want to be remembered as being nice,” Swank said. She is always working on making sure people know that they can come talk to her and feel welcomed.
One of Ella’s biggest role models in her life is her mom, Jill Swank. Ella loves that her mom and herself can have open conversations with each other and learn. “We are basically identical,” Ella said. “We are both very empathetic and try to listen and be there for people.”
Ella also really appreciates that people feel like they can talk to her about anything that’s on their mind. “I have had a lot of people that tell me a lot of really deep stuff about themselves, so I am really proud that people feel like they’re safe to talk to me,” Ella said. She is a great listener and really tries to walk in others’ shoes.
Overall, Ella Swank is one spectacular human. She is super involved, a go getter, and loves meeting new people. Ella Swank is a gem that we get to have at East and is always there for anyone to talk to if need be. Thank you Ella for brightening our lives and using your leadership skills in every activity you are a part of.