East High students are selling art commissions to aid Black Lives Matter

Photo by Mimi Yu
Commissioned artwork done for Clarissa Tan created by Mimi Yu.

Over the last summer, eight artsy Spartans came together to raise money for Black Lives Matter through doing personal art commissions.
These students form a non profit team that donates 100% of their earnings to numerous civil rights organizations. As of now, they have collectively raised over 400 dollars by simply doing what they do best. By using their unique skills, they have been able to make a significant change in this community. As seen on their Instagram page “lnkartists4blm,” they are simply “young artists trying to help the BLM movement.” With a wide range of talent, they continue to move towards their goal through every customer they receive.
“We’re all trying to utilize our skills to help support equal liberty,” Mimi Yu, a senior artist at East, said. “Currently we’re encouraging funds to ACLU Nebraska.”
By virtue of each customer, they are able to donate to charities and organizations that contribute to a more loving, and accepting public attitude. Right now, they are mainly focusing on supporting activism in Nebraska. But still, on their Instagram page, there’s a link that leads to a variety of different ways to help spread awareness for Black Lives Matter throughout the world.
When somebody buys a piece of art from this band of young difference-makers, the buyer accepts the opportunity to donate to an important cause. And as a bonus, they receive a piece of art specific to them and what they care about. If you’re ever going to purchase a piece of art at any time in your entire life, you might as well donate to ACLU Nebraska at the same time.
As these prudent students have shown, there are no excuses for sitting by the wayside. Everybody has something to offer. There are no impenetrable barriers when it comes to an action of true significance. However, creating lasting change does depend on the vital ability to treat others with more importance than surface level success provides.