Lincoln East High School to host the 2021 LPS Music Festival


Photo by Aden Buggi

The end of the year, LPS Music Festival is set to be on May 1st, 2021! Many small musicians and bands are excited to show off their talents! Come join the fun and support our beloved musicians at East High School! Everyone is welcomed, just show up and show your music spirit!

As the world rises from a crisis, many restaurants, venues, and concerts are opening to the public. In the light of this, Lincoln Public Schools are preparing for the LPS Music Festival 2021. Any bands, solo artists and more were allowed to audition. Though the audition deadline was March 19th, 2021, this festival is likely to occur next year as well if you missed your chance. The festival will be held on May 1, 2021 at Lincoln East High School, and will be run by the North Star and East chapters of Tri-M, a music honor society. The goal of this festival is for young musicians to show off their talents and meet new people.
The LPS music festival is worth the time. Wyatt Bolton, a Junior at Lincoln East, simply stated, “If you have a band, it would be a good start to your uprising,” Bolton said. It is not bad to give yourself a chance in the world, starting with something as simple as a high school music gathering. Additionally, you may enjoy hearing the different genres of music and why others may like it.
Especially with the coronavirus slowing down, many places and events are opening up. If you want to do something in Lincoln, here is your gig. Make friends, play music if you have already signed up, hear new songs, be a community. This is once a year and it is worth every minute. Wyatt Bolton says the best part about the LPS music festival is getting together with bandmates and friends. Music has been known to form friendships and draw interests.
For some, high school is almost over, and for many, graduation is only a few years away. Opportunities like these may be harder to find outside of an education program. There may be festivals in college, but you do not hear about festivals in general very often. There have been big festivals, such as VANS Warped Tour, which has been going on annually since its start up in 1998. Other festivals are unheard of, which causes confusion on where they may be held and which date.
As a musician/guitarist myself, I am fond of the idea of bringing a young community together to involve themselves in a collaboration of bands and intuitive musicians. You may learn new techniques of playing from different musicians or challenge others with your skills. A month away and counting, the LPS musical festival is awaiting its audience.