Lincoln East choirs performed April 13th at Pinewood Bowl theater, allowing anyone to come for the first time since last school year

All of the choir performers from Elevation, Elegance, and Express pose for a picture at the end of the event.

On April 13th at 6:30pm, Lincoln East Vocal Music had an amazing spring performance at Pinewood Bowl. This outdoor performance was able to be watched by any friends and family in person, which was an exciting new experience for the 2020-2021 school year. It was a fun way to spend a Tuesday evening and was even more fun because this was the first live concert that anyone could come to.
“We are extremely excited to provide such a unique and special opportunity for these students,” Aaron Zart, director, said. “They have worked so hard all year and deserve this chance to show off their hard work to a large audience. If the rehearsals leading up to this performance have been any indication, it should be an amazing show!” [This quote was given before the event happened.]
During this performance, the audience got the pleasure of getting to see Jazz Choir, Elevation, Elegance, and Express all perform what they have been working on this year. The show’s length was between 1.5 and 2 hours long and wasn’t live streamed.
“Jazz Choir is our pre-show performance, followed by Elevation, Elegance, and Express,” Zart said. “After Express we will perform three ‘extra songs’ – one with ALL of the men in the show choirs, one with ALL of the women in the show choirs, and one with ALL 140+ students in show choir.” [This quote was given before the event happened.]
In between each performance, senior student MC’s provided some comic relief and made the night even more special. Some talked about past memories while others made jokes. Getting to see the final performance where all the students came together to sing and dance was the cherry on top to the whole night.
“It was amazing to be able to perform on Tuesday with everyone in all three show choirs,” Madalynn Abele, a senior Express member, said. “From beginning show choir with those few who I took a bow with at the end of “Nothing Can Stop Me Now” to now, I feel like I’ve grown so much, so it was amazing to have the opportunity to end show choir the same way I started it.”
Overall this night was one for the books. Getting to see the amazing talent and spunk of the Lincoln East choir department was super exciting and uplifting. Although the performance at the Pinewood Bowl theater was prompted by various Covid-19 restrictions that the Lincoln East choirs are required to follow, this new performance venue was an amazing opportunity that may even become a great tradition for years to come.