East Varsity Volleyball loses game against Pius X


Photo by Hope Shortridge (@shortridgephotography)

East Spartan’s Varsity Volleyball team, huddled around Head Coach Nicole Johnson during a time out in their game against Pius X, on Thursday, September 9, 2021. East Spartans lost the game 3-0 to the Pius X Thunderbolts.

The East varsity volleyball team went up against Pius X Thunderbolts last Thursday, September 9th. They put up a good fight, but in the end they lost 3-0.

Spartans started out the game with the first point, with Aaliyah Bradford, Brynn Carey as libero, Megan Waters, Shandy Faalii, Kamryn Snyder, and Kaylee Denker starting out on the court.

East took their first timeout, with the score at 10-15, with Pius X in the lead. They worked hard but in the end Pius took the first set 22-25.

Starting the second set, libero changed to number 6, freshman Zoe Rademacher. Similarly to the first set the Spartans put up a fight, but ultimately Pius X took the second set, 18-25.

The Spartans took an early lead in the third set. They worked hard to stay in the lead, but unfortunately fell back, leading to their second timeout at 12-15, with Pius X on top.

Pius takes a time out 22-24. Sadly Spartans weren’t able to make up the 3 points they needed, before Pius X took their winning point. In the end Pius takes the third set 22-25, ultimately winning the game 3-0.

Reflecting on the game, “We didn’t execute,” Head Coach Nicole Johnson said, “they worked really hard, Pius executed, we didn’t.”

Going forward, “We’re gonna work on consistent serve, receive,” Coach Johnson said, “and we’re gonna work on blockers really getting over the net, so we can slow attackers down.”

In the end the players were disappointed as well, “Overall, I just think, it wasn’t about our effort is was about execution at the end of the day,” senior, Kamryn Snyder said, “I think we all put our hearts into that game, and at the end of the day, I think, maybe it was just how loud it was.”

“A lot of us knew a lot of the girls, we’ve played with them in club before,” Snyder said, “we are so close to beating good teams like that, it’s just all about executing.”

The Spartans next game is against Lincoln Northeast at Lincoln Northeast High school, on Tuesday, September 14 at 6:30 pm.