Student Council talks their purpose and plans for East


Photo by Eden Diehl

East Student Council, during their class meeting period, at the beginning of the school year on August 20th.

East Student Council is one of the most important backbones of East. As many might have guessed, the past year in Student Council was affected greatly by Covid. While many activities and sports were put to a halt, so was Student Council. During this next school year, of a somewhat more normal lifestyle, Student council members have big plans to share, along with reinstating the importance of the club, events they are holding, and how the pandemic affected how they ran.

Maddy Wells, president of Student Council this school year, has important goals and plans of events to hit this year. She mentions the effect on this last year’s pandemic, saying “Stuco was impacted tremendously by Covid last year as we couldn’t hold most of our events,” Wells said. “With no pep rallies, student sections, and the effects of online schooling, it was difficult to maintain a strong community at East.”

Wells mentions this topic of school spirit being important to bring back this year, “My main overall goal this year is to bring back East Spirit and make all students proud to be a Spartan.”

Kia Reyes, a junior in Student Council, begins by emphasizing the importance of Student Council in our East community, “I think that it has a positive impact by showing that kids can lead too, they can make a difference, organize events and activities of their own.”

Student Council not only benefits the school, but allows students to grow as a whole and challenge them as leaders of the school community.

During a fresh year, with a brighter outlook on holding events safely, Student Council plans on holding their annual PINK fundraiser, which raises money by selling shirts to students during the October 15th football game against Northeast. This fundraiser along with spirit week, pep rallies, and Make-A-Wish fundraisers are only a few of many Student Council plans for 2021-2022.