National Honor Society: what is it


Photo by Mr. Seymour

(L-R) Class of 2022 NHS officers Harley Paprocki, Ankitha Turangi, and Abby Lewis win election on April 23rd, 2021. Graphic released to NHS google classroom last school year relaying the officer election results. (file image)

National Honor Society is a club based around promoting leadership and volunteering in the community and is available for seniors to join nationwide. The club meets once a month to discuss different volunteer opportunities for members to be involved in both the East and Lincoln community. Some opportunities include tutoring middle school students, volunteering at the People City Mission, participating in the blood drive, and more.

This year’s officer team is comprised of Harley Paprocki as president, Ankitha Turangi as vice president, Abby Lewis as acting secretary, and board members Ben Morgan, , Emillee Haggadone, and Krista Andersen. All of the members are involved in one of the four pillars of NHS: leadership, scholarship, character, and service.

The main officer team including Harley, Anktiha, and Abby are in charge of the leadership pillar to encourage communication and teamwork. Harley and Ben lead the character pillar to promote character among members and bring in potential speakers. Ankitha, Zoran, and Emillee lead the scholarship committee and organize NHS tutoring. Abby and Krista are in charge of the service pillar and typically organize fundraisers and community service projects.

This year’s officer team has a lot of goals and plans in regards to National Honor Society. Ankitha Turangi, vice president of NHS, mentions some of the group’s most important responsibilities.

“[We plan] to collaborate with different clubs at East and different organizations across Lincoln to help better our communities,” Ankitha said.

Additionally the officer team hopes to bring in many speakers with an abundance of experience in leadership and serving their community in hopes of inspiring members.

If you are interested in serving your community and becoming a leader, NHS is a great opportunity. Harley Paprocki, president of NHS, gives a piece of advice to any future seniors interested in applying.

“Be a rule-breaking rule-maker,” Harley said. “Step outside of your comfort zone and do something that’s never been done before. You won’t regret it.”

For current members of National Honor Society, the next meeting will be held on October 13th in room 116 at 7:00 am.