DECA helps students build future business skills


Photo by Mr.Maw

Lincoln East DECA is held every Thursday after school in room 131. DECA is a non-profit organization focused on business skills but also many other community oriented skills.

Looking for something to take part in at East this school year? Well, Deca could be your anwer! East DECA is not just about learning how to develop business skills, you also get the opportunity to meet new people, work as a team to do community service, and become a more improved business leader. DECA is a worldwide student-run organization and is held every Thursday after school at East.

“DECA is very community oriented and it’s a big group but we also are very connected and we learn all about leadership and business,” Cooper Penkava said. “It’s not just about business, it’s learning about all the ways you can go through life and go through your future and it can often be through a business medium but it doesn’t have to be.”

Cooper Penkava is DECAs 2021-2022 team led president and has been a part of the East DECA organization for 3 years. Cooper has had a great experience being a part of this community so far and this is what he had to say about it.

“It’s fun, a great community, and it helps me build my business leadership skills,” Cooper Penkava said.

The Lincoln East DECA advisor is Mr.Matt Maw, this year DECA also has two vice presidents: Alex Jehorek and Addison Jehorek.

Adding on to all this new information East DECA will see many changes this year. Since the pandemic affected many things in the 2020-2021 school year a lot of DECA activities were cancelled but this year they are hoping it will be different.

“We are looking forward to having more of our typical events, since some of our events got canceled last year,” Mr.Maw said. “So just to be able to do our regular events and be able to go places, we have speakers this year (business speakers), And go out into the community to do community service.”

Knowing more about this amazing non-profit organization available for you to take part in at East, email or find Mr.Maw after school to join!