Race officials cancel Good Life Halfsy due to weather conditions

Toni Boward, 12, Eva Gronewold, 12, Bethany Everts, 12, Rachel Smith, 11, Norah Deckert, 11, all ran the Halfsy. All five of the girls finished the race on the official race day.

On Sunday, October 24, 2021 Lincoln planned on hosting the Good Life Halfsy. This half marathon started at Lincoln East High School and was planning on ending at Downtown Haymarket. Lightning was reported causing race officials to cancel the race. The race started around an hour prior to the cancelation.

“I was being told by volunteers that the race was cancelled at mile 6, but people in front of me were still running and I figured I would just keep going till they forced me to stop,” senior Eva Gronewold said. “I was able to cross the halfsy finish line and finish the entirety of my race on that day. I received my medal a few weeks later in the mail after submitting my time online!”

Runners were given the opportunity to finish the race on Sunday at their own risk or virtually in the next 30 days. Virtual marathons became a normal thing especially in the last two years. They were given the option of finishing the Halfsy on their own time.

“When it was canceled I was obviously a little disappointed, but I was also determined to finish it despite the conditions.” senior Bethany Everts said. Everts also ran the Halfsy in 2019.

Lincoln received 2-3 inches of rain and many cracks of lightning later that day. Winds picked up roughly an hour after the race was officially cancelled. Runners were given aluminized blankets at the end of the half-marathon.

“I’ll definitely strongly consider doing the Halfsy next year to get the “true experience” of the race without everything being shut down early,” Gronewold said. “It was super helpful this year to sign up for the Halfsy with other cross country girls who ran with me throughout the summer and fall, so I would definitely want to run again with friends!”