Brigadoon, East’s Fall Musical, makes its long awaited appearance on stage


Photo by Kamryn Snyder

Josh Rossman and Krista Anderson, playing the role of Tommy Albright and Fiona Campbell, towards the end of Act I.

This year’s school musical, Brigadoon, was performed in the East High auditorium on October 28th, 29th, and 30th. The musical was directed and funded by the Lincoln East Drama Department, led by Mrs.Self.

The major premise of the musical is two American tourists who come across a mysterious town in Scotland called Brigadoon. One of the tourists, Jeff, ends up falling in love with a woman in the town named Fiona, but soon makes an unfortunate discovery about Brigadoon that forces him to leave. In order to protect Brigadoon from the outside world, a local minister prayed to God to have the town disappear, and only reappear every 100 years. After returning to New York, Jeff still finds himself hung up over Fiona, so he decides to break his engagement with his fiance in order to return to Brigadoon and be with Fiona.

The school musical is an extraordinary production that requires a great time commitment. All of the members of the cast, no matter their role, put in a great deal of time and effort into making the school musical such an amazing show.

Eli Shane, who was cast as the role of Archie Beaton, has been a part of the school musical for the past two years and is quite familiar with the level of time that is required by being cast in such a large production. “The first month is manageable, generally a 7-9pm rehearsal every weekday, but the 2nd month is the push for show day,” Shane said.

“Those rehearsals are normally from 5-9pm, even later during tech week. It can definitely lead to added stress.” Laney Beran, cast as a chorus dancer and vendor, also expressed that the musical was quite the substantial commitment. “Usually for ensemble members the time commitment wasn’t that bad, but since there were 6 dancing numbers I was there almost every night,” Beran said.

Despite all the hours of commitment and added stress, being a part of the musical is more than worthwhile. “I just love being able to build something from the ground up with a wonderful group of people,” Shane said. “It’s heartbreaking to give it up afterwards, but so rewarding when all is said and done.” So many incredibly talented singers, dancers, actors, and actresses gave up a great amount of their time to produce an incredible production that was enjoyed by so many members of the East community.