Sudden weather shifts herald in the changing season


Photo by Kylie Brown

The sky over Lincoln East High School on November 22nd

Since the progression of October and into November, sudden and unpredictable weather changes and drops in temperature throughout Lincoln and the rest of the midwest are heralding in the turn of the new season, both to conflicting reactions of potential excitement, and dismay.
And while the official start of winter is almost a month away – with the winter solstice for 2021 landing on Tuesday, December 21st – the already dropping temperatures seem to be far more reminiscent of winter than fall, despite the solstices timing this year.
Students at East, being in the midwest, would be wise to be wary of the cold this season, as, according to Old Farmers Almanac, temperatures are expected to average at 36 degrees Fahrenheit for the rest of November, then drop to an average of 29 degrees for the entirety of December
This upcoming cold, while definitely not anticipated by all, may fall concerningly on those who fail to dress warmly, or prefer to ‘tough it out’ despite the ludicrous cold.
“Basically all the boys,” Cheryl Zeng said, about who she has seen who doesn’t typically dress warmly.
While not entirely inaccurate, this may hopefully be less of the case this winter, where, with such low predictions in store, significant attempts should be made by students to not freeze in these upcoming months.
“Winter will be colder and drier than normal, on average, with the coldest periods in mid- and late December, early and late January, and early to mid-February…The snowiest periods will be in late December, early January, and mid-February,” The Almanac reads.
And while these soddening forecasts may be met with dismay from some, the fact that winter is approaching also heralds the start of a new season of sports for some students at East.
While the change in weather season is perhaps not anticipated, the upcoming sports seasons may be, and participants in the upcoming winter sports, such as basketball, swimming and diving, and wrestling, may feel like they’ve come a bit early due to the change in weather. Several have already begun tryouts and the beginnings of seasons, a step ahead of the ‘winter’ of winter sports.
Regardless of affiliation or preference, something all students at East can stand to do this winter is prepare for the cold, and sooner than they might think, as the predicted temperatures continue to drop, heralding all to a cold next few months.