UK artist Beabadoobee releases yet another repeat-worthy Extended Play

Blue-haired Bea on tour for her 2019 release, Space Cadet. Here she is seen smiling wide at her fans!

Photo by Public domain

Blue-haired Bea on tour for her 2019 release, “Space Cadet”. Here she is seen smiling wide at her fans!

Filipino-British singer/songwriter Beatrice Laus, professionally known as Beabadoobee, released yet another EP on June 24 this year, under the independent label Dirty Hit, and it’s called “Our Extended Play.” Co-produced with Matthew Healy of The 1975, and containing four tracks, named “Last Day On Earth”, “Cologne”, “Animal Noises”, and “He Gets Me So High”, this EP is nothing but fun to listen to.
On June 23rd, i-D, a British magazine, called Bea to interview her about her new release.
“Our Extended Play is exactly how I was feeling then — right after ‘Fake It Flowers.’ Just little parts of my life.” Laus said. Her song “Cologne” is about sex and finding herself attractive. That’s what she wanted to write about. She thinks that the topic of sex is uncomfortable for people to talk about, hence the line “I hate what this song is about…”.
As for her song “Last Day On Earth”, COVID’s the focus, and it highlights optimistic nihilism to the highest degree. The opening verse has lines that go like this: “Oh, you made it/ For what it’s worth/ Well, and if it all goes wrong/ And it looks like we’ll soon be gone/ Then we should all just get along.” The lyrics speak the truth of realizing it’s all worth it in the end, and that getting along is the key to finding happiness in difficult times. Additionally, the catchy riff at the beginning that continues throughout the song gets anyone up and dancing.
The third track on the EP is called “Animal Noises”.
“…It’s about the fear of growing up,” Laus said. The opening line is “I’m still afraid of the dark”, symbolizing that even as a 21-year-old, she still has fears that almost everyone has had at some point, and she isn’t afraid to be vulnerable in her songwriting.
She talks more on this one, in reference to the lyric “I guess I’m getting too old for this/ I miss making animal noises for you.”
“There’s a sense of innocence to that. It’s the fear of not being able to do stupid, innocent things with someone you love because you fear how people will view you at the age you are.” This one speaks the most to people who also share this fear, as it is more common than one may think.
Lastly, “He Gets Me So High” is a love song for her boyfriend Soren Harrison. The opening guitar riff seems to play an homage to Tal Bachman’s “She’s So High”, a song from the 90s. Bea has mentioned several times, too, how her music and music taste is heavily influenced by this time period.
The lyrics are short and sweet, with a catchy chorus. It’s a perfect song to listen to, especially with someone in mind.
Overall, this EP is one of indie rock fans’ favorite releases of the year, and its timeless sound will catch anyone’s ear, no matter who they are. The vulnerability and production skill of these songs are something to really admire, and something to absolutely enjoy.