We all scream for ice cream

Photo by Peyton Svehla
Mango Tango rolled ice cream from Freezing Thai Rolled Ice Cream. Topped with whipped cream, mango, mango syrup, and sprinkles.

As we head into spring and summer, the sound of a delicious ice cream cone becomes more and more appealing. While you may enjoy some tasty ice cream from Dairy Queen or Runza, nothing beats supporting local businesses. We have had the honor of testing out some of the best local ice cream locations here in Lincoln. The question is, which one is best for you? Continue reading to find out!

Freezing Thai Rolled Ice Cream & Bakery
Instagram: n/a, found on Facebook
Location: 210 N 14th St #6, Lincoln, NE 68508

If you’re looking for a unique and tasty ice cream shop in Lincoln, Freezing Thai Rolled Ice Cream & Bakery is the place for you. With a variety of flavors, such as Mango Tango and Brownie Fudge, you’re sure to find a flavor you’ll enjoy. We highly recommend Mango Tango, a delicious dessert topped with whipped cream, mango chunks, and mango syrup. You’ll need a few extra napkins on hand, as rolled ice cream is a bit messier to eat than regular ice cream due to the air gaps between rolls.

Instagram: @maizepopcorn
Location: 7811 Pioneers Blvd, Lincoln, NE 68506

Maize Gourmet Popcorn & Ice Cream is one of the best places, if not the greatest place in Lincoln to find a significant bang for your buck. With substantial sample sizes and a “kiddie” size comparable to other location’s medium for only $2, you cannot beat Maize. Maize provides the basics, chocolate and vanilla, along with two other seasonal flavors. Although there are limited flavor options, the quality outweighs quantity. The staff is also very helpful and courteous, giving another reason to check out Maize.

Instagram: @scoopslincoln
Location: 2840 S 70th St, Lincoln, NE 68506

Why choose your typical spherical ice cream scoops when you could have cubed ice cream from Scoops? With their unique ice cream blocks and abundance of flavors, Scoops is a great local location for ice cream. Not only do they offer ice cream, but also homemade fudge, popcorn and snow cones. No matter what you order, you are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Colby Ridge
Instagram: @colby_ridge_
Location: 70th Van Dorn & 48th Pioneers

You’ve seen the popcorn bags in the grocery store, but did you know that Colby Ridge is also known for their authentic ice cream flavors? One of the most popular flavors, especially a kid favorite, is Superman. Comparable to fruity pebbles, this colorful delight is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth at any age. Make sure to explore some of their seasonal options during the holidays, with flavors such as Pumpkin Spice.

UNL Dairy Store
Instagram: @unldairy
Location: 114 Food Industry Complex, Lincoln, NE 68503

Located in East Campus, this ice cream shop is a great place to visit while wandering downtown. This Lincoln gem always has a plethora of flavors on hand, including: Peach, German Chocolate, and Butter Brickle. But what would a campus ice cream shop be without a tribute to the Huskers? The flavor Scarlet and Cream, is vanilla ice cream with strawberry swirls.. But wait, there’s more. Ice cream isn’t the only milk product the dairy store sells. Check out their creamy, house made cheese while you’re there. The next time you find yourself downtown, stop at the UNL Dairy Store, grab yourself some coffee, your favorite flavor of ice cream, and enjoy the beauty of east campus.

402 Creamery
Instagram: @402creamery
Location: 311 N 8th, Lincoln, NE 68508 & 7101 Kentwell Ln, Lincoln, NE 68516

One of the more recently established ice cream shops in Lincoln is none other than 402 creamery. With their unique and ever-changing selection of flavors, there is always a difficult decision to be made when walking through the doors of this local joint. They carry anything from Monster Cookie and Snickerdoodle to limited time flavors such as A Pig Deal, which includes chocolate swirls and toffee bacon, as well as Scout’s Honor, highlighting girl scout season with a thin mint feature. Not only do they serve a delicious variety, they make sure no one has to miss out by providing a variety of vegan, gluten free, and dairy free options to choose from. Some of these include Lemon Blueberry and Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip. If you’re looking for a new flavor every month, the 402 is for you!