A recap of the Oscars: a night of drama and outstanding winners


Photo by ABC

The awaited Oscars came once again on Sunday, March 27th 2022. This year’s Oscars was filled with entertainment and shock value alike, all while celebrating the most talented actors and actresses. From best actor, to best animated feature, to celebrity beef, the Oscars this year is sure to be memorable for all viewers. After last year’s Oscars, this year’s viewership soared by almost 60%, drawing a much larger crowd to the TV, although the award show still remained the 2nd lowest in Oscars history.

For those who are not living under a rock, the most talked about moment from the show was not any winner or movie, but the live smack down of Chris Rock by Will Smith. Rock began to crack jokes on stage, one specifically about the appearance of Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, which was not taken lightly. Tension rose both at home and in the audience. At first seeming scripted, Smith walked on stage and slapped Rock shortly after the jab at his wife, which left all audiences in complete disbelief. The moment was not only odd, but shocking to see on live television as the Oscars scrambled to recover and continue the show.

But, the show must go on. Later on, Will Smith received the award for best actor in the movie, King Richard. Smith gave a lengthy and chaotic speech regarding his public display of assault along with gratitude for his award.

Other notable awards were the best picture award, with the winner, Coda. The movie centered around a deaf family with a hearing daughter, a heartwarming film that striked the Academy well and won over many while streamed heavily on Apple TV.

Billie Eilish, who is nothing but astonishing at what she does, deservingly won best original song with “No Time to Die” featured in a James Bond film. The song was strikingly beautiful and fitting for the movie. Eilish also performed the song at the show alongside her brother Finneas which sounded effortless sung by Eilish.

Unsurprisingly, Encanto took the Oscar home for best animated feature. This award seemed almost too simple to predict as the animated movie took over the nation, along with the catchy songs that became viral through TikTok. Encanto was an important step for Disney to continue diversifying their movies and represent different cultures, values, and traditions.

With incredibly bigger than life effects, Dune, starring Timothee Chalamet and Zendaya, won best visual effects. VFX, the team responsible for creating the visuals, also created other well known visual effects in movies like Spider Man: No Way Home and No Time to Die. With the Marvel film demanding many shots of the desert plane the movie was set in, along with other sci-fi imagery like space crafts, the team deserved recognition undoubtedly.

Although the Oscars seem to be dying down in public viewership, the movies and actors celebrated still remain largely important to pop-culture and in creating new films with increasing levels of talented artistry. The 2022 Oscars may even draw a larger crowd to their televisions next year in hopes of catching a second live action brawl.