Easter traditions stem from many different places

As Easter 2022 comes to an end, learn more about they why behind some of your favorite Easter Traditions.

As Easter 2022 comes to an end, learn more about they why behind some of your favorite Easter Traditions.

Easter is a holiday that is celebrated by Christians that represents the resurrection three days after the death of their Lord, Jesus Christ. It is one of the oldest and most important holidays of the Christian religion. Throughout the years there have been multiple traditions and customs that have stuck with the holiday. There are many reasons and stories behind these traditions and how people celebrate this holiday.

Easter Bunny:
The bunny has become a prominent symbol of this holiday, when it is believed that the bunny delivers candy in eggs to well-behaved children. Rabbits are known to be prolific procreators and are an ancient symbol of fertility and new life.
The Easter Bunny is said to have first arrived in the United States in the 1700s with German immigrants and brought their own tradition of egg-laying hare called “osterhase.” Eventually this tradition spread across the U.S. and eventually nests turned into baskets and children left a carrot in the yard for the Easter Bunny to eat in case he got hungry.

Easter Eggs:
The easter egg tradition dates all the way back to old pagan traditions. Eggs represent new life and were used to celebrate the start of spring for pagan festivals. In the Christian tradition, eggs represent the resurrection of Jesus and how He was raised back to life.
Decorating the eggs is said to have come all the way from the 13th century when it was believed that eggs were forbidden from being eaten during lent. People would decorate eggs to mark the end of penance and fasting and eat them on Easter in celebration.

Easter Candy:
After Halloween, Easter candy is the best-selling candy in America. The most popular kind of candy being chocolate eggs, which date all the way back to the early 19th century Europe. Another egg-shaped candy that became popularly associated with Easter are jelly beans which became popular in the 1930s.
One of the most recent hits for Easter candy are sugar covered marshmallows called Peeps. Handmade by a Russian immigrant, Sam Born, in 1923, the original were marshmallow flavored yellow ducks. Other shapes and flavors were introduced later on.