Fashion trends making a comeback

Photo by Jason Leung
Many jeans that were an old fashion trend are becoming popular once again. Fits that are inclusive to all body types and comfortable are sold in many stores.

From mom jeans and biker shorts to vans and converse, old fashion trends are coming back in style. Popular wardrobe essentials that were iconic in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s are making their appearance in the 21st century.

Many teens and young adults have been combining old styles with the new. Wardrobe inspiration is often found from designers and social media along with classmates and strangers seen walking on the street. Substituting a basic pair of jeans with some flared pants or finishing off an outfit with a bucket hat are some basic examples of popular styles used in the past and the present.

At Lincoln East High School, students are taking popular style trends and incorporating them in their everyday wardrobes. “I have participated in many of the old fashion trends that have come back,” sophomore Mia Murray said. “Some being biker shorts, mom jeans, converse, bucket hats, flared jeans, and claw clips.”

Not only is it enjoyable to create new outfits with old fashion trends, it also encourages people to upcycle their old clothes and repurpose worn items. Thrift shopping for new wardrobe essentials is not only cheaper but is more sustainable. Taking an old pair of jeans that are too short and cutting them to create long jean shorts was not only popular in the 1970’s but is popular now. Stopping fast-fashion and supporting second hand shopping has been a hot topic on social media, and many people are hopping on the trend.

Another fit of jeans that is making a comeback are mom jeans. Mom jeans are one of the most flattering jean types on practically all body types. With a decline in the popularity of skinny jeans that are oftentimes less comfortable than looser fitting jeans, mom jeans are a great alternative along with flare and bootcut.

While many fashion trends are highly popularized among our society, some aren’t a huge hit. “I probably don’t understand the trend of low rise jeans that are making a comeback from the early 2000’s.” Schutz said. “Personally I don’t find them very fashionable or flattering.”

While some people may not be in favor of a fashion trend, most will respect someone’s choice in fashion. “Although [a fashion trend] may not appeal to me I recognize that someone else could totally work the trend,” sophomore Brooklyn Melessa said. “I think people should dress in ways that compliment them and that they feel comfortable and confident in. This principle shouldn’t be abandoned just to fit in with the trend.”

People are also buying more clothes that they can incorporate into a variety of outfits. Instead of buying clothes that will only be popular for a month or so, old trends like mom jeans, leather jackets, and denim jackets can be worn for a variety of occasions and paired with almost anything.

Over time, certain fashion trends may die, but you never know. Before long, it may be back in stores finding its way into many people’s wardrobes.

“Old fashion trends are something that have been super popular in the past years,” freshman Karlee Waegli said. “Trying to keep up with these trends can be fun and exciting but also super exhausting. So personally just let your style be something you enjoy and not a trendy competition.”