Lincoln East students show school pride during homecoming spirit week 2022


Photo by Photo courtesy of @eaststuco on Instagram

Lincoln East student council members pose for a photo during spirit week on Friday, September 16, 2022. The theme on this day was groutfit day, meaning wearing all gray attire.

Lincoln East High School students participated in homecoming spirit week during the week of September 12-16, 2022. Creative outfits and costumes roamed the halls all five days, with each day having a different theme. From wearing oversized streetwear to dressing up as a Minion, each student had a unique perspective on the school spirit filled week.

The weekdays leading up to the annual homecoming dance is when East’s spirit week takes place. The homecoming dance itself tends to be on one of the Fridays in between the months of September and October. Junior, Logan Hoffman on the student council spirit week committee explained that spirit week, along with a pep rally and homecoming football game gets the school excited for fall sports and the upcoming year.

“The purpose of spirit week is to get the student body involved and participating,” Hoffman said.

Spirit week is mainly conducted by East’s student council, spirit week committee members consisting of juniors Logan Hoffman and Jordan Erstad, and freshmen Chloe Berry, Hayden Coniglio, and Zack Erstad. With input from the student body, they are responsible for choosing the daily themes. This year’s themes included Adam Sandler day on Monday, BBQ dads vs. soccer moms on Tuesday, movie/TV character day on Wednesday, pajama day on Thursday, and groutfit day on Friday.

“This year, students were able to submit theme suggestions through the student council’s Instagram or vote through a Google Form on their grade’s Google Classroom,” Hoffman said.

All students and staff are encouraged to participate in showing school spirit. Although it’s not required, junior Dasha Muller and senior Sage Honda both made consistent contributions throughout the week.

“I view it as a competition. I want to do spirit week better than my friends,” Muller said.

Each theme throughout the week reeled in large student participation, and all of them seemed to be a big hit amongst students.

“My favorite theme was definitely BBQ dads vs. soccer moms,” Honda said. “I wore khaki shorts, a classic button down short sleeve shirt, and a floral Hello Kitty apron with a spatula.”

As spirit week winded down to an end, awards were given at Thursday’s pep rally to those who were the best dressed throughout the week. Two winners were chosen from each grade level based on votes from the student body. Freshman winners were Paige Schamber and Landon Lingenfelter, sophomores were Mallorie Gaspar and Sydney Haywood, juniors were Colton Kuta and Garrett Springer, and seniors were Harper Allen and Jackson Harvey.