Is IOS 16 worth the download?


Photo by Kendra Riekenberg

The new lock screens of Callie Dreibelbis (left), Dash Bauman (middle), and Brynne Topolski (right) are personalized to fit their wants with the new IOS 16 update.

Apple releases a new software update annually, and this year it comes with a plethora of new features. On Monday, September 12, 2022 people with an iPhone 8 or higher became eligible for the update. IOS 16 includes a potential lock screen redesign, messaging edits, and much more. I’ve decided to make my own claims on the new features, and I’m here to see what’s worth your time.

With IOS 14, Apple introduced widgets that were only available to the home screen. IOS 16 allows users to add widgets to the lock screen now. It’s very easy to personalize, as it is now possible to pick which widgets are most important to you, and even match the date and time to the background.

One of my favorite features is the option to pair the lock screen photo with the home screen. Whatever photo is chosen will be clear in the lock screen, but can be blurred or matched to a plain color. I always have a plain photo as my home screen because it is difficult to be seen behind all of my apps.

Many students have come to benefit greatly from this new update. I recommend to use a suggested color or pattern like Callie Dreibelbis did, add a weather and activity ring widget like Dash Bauman, or even a vocabulary word of the day like Brynne Topolski. If it is too hard to decide on a specific background photo, just choose the option to shuffle an album of photos and it will change every time the phone is turned on.

“I’ll never get bored of my lock screen now,” Bauman said. “Each picture I have is different, and I like that I don’t have to change it on my own anymore.”

But, the overall look may be concealing potential problems that have arisen with the update. The logic behind deleting and editing a text message is faulty, and I’ve noticed my phone struggling to do simple tasks.

“My phone doesn’t work anymore,” Dreibelbis said. “A lot of my apps are crashing, and my dad said his Siri quit working.”

One of the biggest issues that has appeared for me is excessive battery drainage. I was very excited to see that the percentage number was brought back with IOS 16, but unfortunately it only showcases how quickly my battery is draining. Although, the new icon kind of balances out the negative that comes with a draining battery.

There are still more additions to come, including new carplay features, icloud album sharing, and freeform options. Be on the lookout for those updates as we finish out 2022.