With the iPhone 14 coming out this year, what does it mean for the other iPhones?


Photo by "iPhone 14 Pro Max vs iPhone 14 Plus" by Trusted Reviews is licenced by Creative Commons

The iPhone 14 in the color of deep purple. At the top of the screen is a new feature called a Dynamic Island that interacts with your alerts and notifications.

The new iPhone 14 came out September 16, 2022. The pre-orders for customers began Friday, September 9. Even though the regular iPhone 14 came out earlier, there was still the release of the iPhone 14 plus which became available on Friday, October 7.

The new iPhone 14, now has more impressive camera skills and inventive new safety measures. The new iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 plus takes exceptional photos and videos that feature a new system of Main, front TrueDepth, Ultra Wide cameras and a Photonic Engine; an advanced image structure that helps with low light performance. The added safety measures include Crash Detection and Emergency SOS via satellite, both firsts in the technology world.

If you are in need of the Emergency SOS feature, on the iPhone 14, it will ask a few questions to assess your situation. All you need to do is tap to respond and then it will show you where to connect to a satellite. Once the feature is connected, your iPhone will automatically send your answers, location, Medical ID (only if it’s set up), and your battery level to a dispatcher.

Another feature that the iPhone 14 has that’s different from the other iPhone’s is the Dynamic Island at the top of the screen. This Dynamic Island is a new Apple innovation that will change its size and shape to accommodate all your notifications, alerts, and activities into one place. For example the features of the Dynamic Island include showing what the score of a game is, interacting with Google Maps, controlling your music, or even being able to talk to friends while looking at something else on the screen.

“I like how the [Dynamic Island] interacts with the phone,” sophomore Leah Blake, said. “When you turn it on silent or ring it does all this cool stuff.”

Even though the new iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 plus is giving its users new features, the question some iPhone users are wondering is why older iPhones are starting to slow down.

Back in 2017, customers started noticing that many iPhones were slowing down and even starting to shut down randomly after downloading the new versions of Apple’s software. Apple admitted that the updates do slow down the phones. The reasoning Apple said this happens was because it prevents the aging batteries from shutting the iPhone down.

This was a problem because many Apple users believed that the iPhones slowing down was actually an attempt from Apple to nudge people to get newer devices. After further investigation, it was concluded that Apple did know that the updates were slowing people’s devices, but didn’t inform customers about the problem.

More recently, in March of 2020 Apple agreed to pay 500 million dollars in a class action suit that claimed Apple was slowing phones down to urge Apple users to upgrade.

With the iPhone 14 being out this means people with older iPhones and people who download the newer software, might have problems with how fast the phone operates. Regardless of if Apple is slowing their software, the iPhone 14 doesn’t appear to be affecting other iPhones at the moment.