New music is releasing left and right, which songs are right for you?

Music is something that most people generally enjoy. Lucky for music fans, lots of new tunes have been released from various artists like Taylor Swift, The 1975, and SZA. Continue reading to find out a little more about these new releases, and maybe even what one would want to listen to first!

Taylor Swift’s tenth studio album “Midnights” released on October 21, 2022. There are 13 tracks, including 7 bonus tracks, for a total of 20 on its deluxe edition. One song on the album titled “Anti-Hero”, tackles the topic of self-hatred and taking the blame, with a poppy melody and haunting vocals. It has already charted number one on the Billboard 200, making its way in popularity in congruence to her previous works. This song is perfect for pop enjoyers.

In contrast to Swift’s pop songs, English band, The 1975, released an alternative-genre album on October 14, 2022, just a week before the release of “Midnights”. It is titled “Being Funny in a Foreign Language”, with a total of 11 tracks and a runtime of slightly over 43 minutes. One song in particular, “Looking For Somebody (To Love)”, sings on the tough topic of violence in schools, particularly school shootings. It opens with a bouncy synth beat, and its upbeat vibe may be confusing to the topic, but the lyrics give the whole song an aching shadow. For enjoyers of alternative pop-rock, this album is perfect.

Lastly and most recently, RnB singer SZA released a new single titled “Shirt”, on October 28, 2022. Her rich vocals entice the listener for more, and the lyrics progress into a story about unrequited love.

According to Nebraska Public Media, “One thing SZA knows well is the destructive depths of love and how to convey its all-consuming intensity in her music.” This new release is well fitted for enjoyers of typical RnB smooth vocals and heavy subs.

Taylor Swift, The 1975, and SZA may all be in different genres, but anybody is able to appreciate good music from talented artists. Open a music app and plug in those earbuds to experience these latest hits!