Is M3GAN worth the watch?


Photo by Claire Weibye

Movie goers Madelin Hansen and Samantha Aguilar walk past the M3GAN film poster outside of East Park Theater in Lincoln NE on Saturday, January 14th, 2023. M3GAN shows us a frightening future, in which robots become children’s toys, through a hilarious and thrilling movie.

M3GAN, a horror-comedy movie released on Jan 6th, 2023, starred actors Amie Donald and Jenna Davis as M3GAN, Allison Williams as Gemma, and Violet McGraw as Cady.

The movie follows 8-year-old Cady, whose parents die in a car crash, as she adjusts to a new life with her aunt Gemma. Gemma is a roboticist and is designing a new robot for the toy company she works for. Although many tests go wrong, Gemma continues work on the M3GAN robot and when finished, pairs the robot with her niece Cady.

In the film, M3GAN is designed to protect Cady from any harm both physical and emotional. The two quickly become inseparable and as Cady learns to love her new friend, M3GAN is also learning from her surroundings. Soon M3GAN becomes so independent that she reacts erratically to social situations and starts killing people in order to “protect” Cady.

“It’s scary to think that machines could one day take the place of adults in the world, even the killers,” Sara Aguilar, senior at Lincoln East, said. “The movie is not as scary as I was expecting. I like horror movies with a lot of jumpscares and this movie had none. The concept of the robot is scary, but the movie is definitely not.”

M3GAN, advertised as a horror-comedy, is undoubtedly more on the comedy side. The robot made jokes and showed off some dance moves, just before she killed her victims.

“The movie was so funny,” freshman Samantha Aguilar said. ”I loved when M3GAN started dancing. It was one of the best parts of the whole movie.”

Critics have mixed opinions on the movie. Some were disappointed with the lack of horror, while others were moved by the emotions portrayed by the actors. Rotten Tomato gave the movie a 95% rating, IMDb gave it 6.6/10, and 87% of Google users liked the movie.

If you are looking for a scare, M3GAN is not the movie for you. But if you want to watch a film that keeps you laughing more than hiding under your covers, look no further.