The “AHA” moments from the Golden Globes 2023


Photo by "Golden Globe Awards Signs" by Wikipedia Commons.

On January 10, 2023 in Beverly Hills, the Golden Globes held their annual celebration of international film and television. This year they celebrated their 80th anniversary.

The Golden Globes occurred on January 10, 2023. Many amazing actors and actresses won and were nominated for awards. It was broadcasted in more than 220 countries worldwide. This year’s Golden Globes celebrated their 80th anniversary. This year, a total number of 6.3 million Americans viewed the Golden Globes ceremony. This is a huge decrease from how many viewers in past years.

The purpose of the Golden Globes ceremony is to honor the artists and professionals in the television and film making industry. The Golden Globes are similar to the Academy Awards or the Emmy Awards, but the Golden Globes are focusing on the work in both television and film, not just one of them. The first Golden Globes Awards ceremony was to honor the achievements of 1943 filmmaking. And were held on January 20, 1944. But the first awards for television weren’t presented during the Golden Globes until 1955.

There were many notable actors, actresses, tv shows and movies that won this year.

Austin Butler, still very young, transformed into the character of famous singer, Elvis Presley and spent two years dedicating his lifestyle to play this character in the film “Elvis.” Many have even noticed that Butler’s voice has changed. At the Golden Globes, Butler won Best Actor in a Drama Motion Picture.

As a viewer of the Golden Globes and the “Elvis” movie, Debra Embury had a knowledgeable opinion on Butler and his award.

“I was so happy for him,” said Debra Embury. “He was exactly like Elvis.”

“House of Dragon” took home the award for Best Television Drama Series. This new tv show came out during August 2022. The characters in the show are the ancestors of the “Game of Thrones” counterparts who lived 172 years before them. With “Game of Thrones” ending, this new series was a new show for fans to love.

As expected, Zendaya won Best Television Actress – Drama for her role, Rue, in “Euphoria”. Zendaya has shown us her range of acting from Disney to the Spiderman franchise and on to more mature roles. Although Zendaya won this incredible award, she sadly wasn’t there to accept. Jay Ellis and Glen Powell presented the award together with Ellis giving the reason behind Zendaya’s absence.

“Zendaya couldn’t be with us tonight,” said Ellis. “So, we are going to accept this award on her behalf. She’s busy. She’s working, y’all. It’s a good thing.”

As most people know, the Jeffrey Dahmer Series came out in September of 2022. There were many mixed reviews about the show. Although the show brought controversy around its creation, Evan Peters proved his acting ability through the role because he won the Best Actor in a Limited Series or TV Movie for his work as Jeffery Dahmer.

Even though the viewing status of the Golden Globes has significantly decreased, the actors, actresses, tv shows and movies that are nominated every year, are deserving of these awards. We can only hope the newer generations begin to watch these shows again and are eager to find out who won each award.