Nebraska small town charm found in coffee shops

Photo by Ava Heminger
Iced caramel latte pictured at Mocha C’s in Wahoo, NE. This cafe was filled with small town energy and had a very comfortable setting.

Nebraska might seem boring at first glance, but if you look outside of Lincoln and Omaha, it may be surprising how many hidden gems there are to be found. From Seward, NE over to Fremont, NE, there are several unique and tasteful coffee houses that are perfect for any occasion. In order to find the most suitable locations, I was testing for an iced caramel latte with the perfect balance between caramel and coffee, something not too sweet and not too bitter. I tried Neutral Grounds in Seward, Milady Coffeehouse in Fremont, and Mocha C’s in Wahoo.

Seward, NE was surprisingly lively and had several food locations. Neutral Grounds Coffee is a hit spot for locals and people out of town. It was a great atmosphere for studying or just meeting with people. The menu had about 12 or so different drinks to order with several flavor options. The iced caramel latte from here had the perfect coffee taste. The caramel was very light;, I would have preferred more. It took roughly five minutes to be made and the staff were very polite. I would rate Neutral Grounds a 9/10 since the drinkit was a little too bitter for me.

Milady Coffeehouse has been a favorite for me from the moment I first tried the coffee from there. The setting is absolutely perfect for any occasion. There’s an innumerable amount of space for working, studying, and gathering with friends or family. The coffee was, for me, a ten out of ten. It was the perfect amount of caramel to ensure a satisfying purchase. Fremont in general gets a 10/10, and Milady doesn’t fall short at all.

The final location was Mocha C’s in Wahoo and it is the perfect image of a small town cafe. There were plenty of friendly faces and the workers were very pleasant. With the drink, I ordered a meal that I preferred much more than the drink. Unfortunately, the iced caramel latte was far too sweet to my liking and due to that, I couldn’t finish it. But if sweetness is your thing, than this is the perfect drink for you. The final rating for Mocha C’s is a 6/10.

My overall experience with each coffee location was very pleasant. Depending on how you prefer your iced caramel lattes to taste, there are many great options waiting for you to try just outside our city limits.