Madalynn’s Music



Released on January 24, Weezer reintroduces these popular songs from the 80s and 90s. This album is perfect for singing along in the car or jamming along with friends. I loved this album because it put all the songs I love in one spot. However, I would have like Weezer to take their own twist on the songs.

My Top Three Tracks

  1. Happy Together
  2. Africa
  3. No Scrubs


Mandolin Orange

Mandolin Orange put out this beautiful folk album on February 1st. Out of the five albums, this was my favorite. The harmonies were amazing and, like the name, so was the mandolin playing. I have nothing negative to say! I strongly suggest this album when you need to relax or just want some nice music to listen to.

My Top Three Tracks

  1. Into the Sun
  2. Like You Used To
  3. Suspended in Heaven


Nils Frahm

Encores 2  is a calming instrumental album perfect for studying or falling asleep to – hopefully not at the same time! Not only is the music beautiful, but so is the album cover! This EP album only contains four song, but the last song is almost thirteen minutes long. I would have loved more songs, but the music here is wonderful!

My Top Three Tracks

  1. A Walking Embrace
  2. Spells
  3. Tailsman


Better Oblivion Community Center

In this album, Conor Oberst, an Omaha native, and Phoebe Bridgers choose to sing in close harmony rather than trading off verses, creating a consistently beautiful sound. With creative lyrics and different instrumentals, a new but familiar sound meets the ear.

My Top Three Tracks

  1. My City
  2. Chesapeake
  3. Didn’t Know What I Was in For



What Chaos Is Imaginary is themed around Girlpool’s consistent struggle and want for growth. The album takes different styles, including low, mid, and high tempo songs. Harmony Tividad and Cleo Tucker have such different styles, the two stand out but also simultaneously blend perfectly. I suggest this album to rock fans and those interested in something fresh and new.

My Top Three Tracks

  1. Where You Sink
  2. Pretty
  3. What Chaos Is Imaginary