East students upset over new parking barriers


Photo by Aleksey Betancur

The “wall” was implemented on Monday, March 18 and students have since then held protests against the barrier.

The new barrier was a shock to many East High students on Monday, March 18. It was inserted over spring break to help East’s traffic problems due to its growing population. Although the barrier is supposed to protect the students, some think it may create more trouble than it’s worth.

“Stupid” is a harsh word, but it is how many students of East High School view the new parking barrier. Some students view the barrier as a simple inconvenience, having to either step over it or go around. They claim a gap at the corner would make the whole situation easier for students.

Other students see the graffiti on the wall already as a hazard of its own. However, the East High staff believes the drawing will go down as time goes on. If it doesn’t, then a camera may be necessary. So graffiti is nothing to worry about!

Because of the barrier, traffic will have to slow down, giving students a safer crossing to the sidewalk. So while it may seem to be an inconvenience, the barrier will help traffic and ultimately keep students safe.