Lincoln East finals schedule reevaluated for 1st semester

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Students will have time to work with teachers and prepare before their exams.

This semester, Lincoln East High School will have a newly created finals schedule for students and staff. Starting Monday, December 14th, through Tuesday, December 22nd, the schedule was reimagined to be equal and fair for all A, B, C, and Z students.
The days are split, with the morning (8:00-10:50) for A and C students and the afternoon (12:10-3:00) for B and Z students.
However, students do not have to come in for their entire allotted time. Starting December 15th, 8:00 AM and 12:10 PM are known as “support” times, where students can get help before finals.
“We wanted to give time for students to come in to work with their teachers on missing assignments, retaking assessments that they need to, doing anything they could if they needed to work their grade up,” East Principal Sue Cassata said.
While it is still unknown whether support time will be required or not for some students, Cassata said, “I would like to say that if students are suggested they come, they should come.”
During lunch, which is between each groups’ time to come in, classrooms will be cleaned and have a chance for the air to cycle through.
If LPS happened to go 100% remote, the finals schedule would look much different, but there would still be some time for students to work with staff and have office hours via Zoom.
Cassata said, “We’re just trying to do as much as we can to give students the support that they need to be successful at the end of an already very trying semester.”