COVID-19 vaccines make their way through East

Photo by Lincoln Lancaster County Health Department

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According to the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, the statewide vaccine registration opened on January 28, although many people were able to register in earlier phases. Appointments for these vaccinations are dependent on vaccine supply, rather than the order in which people register.
Lincoln is currently vaccinating phase 1B, and plans to prioritize this group through mid-May. 1B includes “those age 65 and older and those with underlying medical conditions,” though those included in 1A are still able to get their vaccine, as well. This group includes “frontline health care personnel, emergency medical technicians, and staff and residents of long-term care facilities.”
With the COVID-19 Risk Dial currently at mid-yellow, there is still a moderate risk of the virus spreading. Though many have already registered to get their vaccine, some have already received it, including Lynsey Kennedy, an East senior. Since she works at a retirement home, Kennedy was able to get it early, getting the second dose on January 27, and the first dose 21 days before that.
Like many, Kennedy was eager to get the vaccine, but a little wary, as well. However, even after hearing about the possible side effects, she only had a sore arm after receiving the shot.
Although the vaccine will prevent Kennedy from getting sick, she still wears a mask, because she knows she “could still be carrying it, and even though [she] won’t be getting sick, [she] could still get someone else sick.”
When others are thinking about getting the vaccine, Kennedy’s words of wisdom are, “Go ahead and get it. What’s the harm?” She also suggests to put ice on the area and move your arm around, like with any shot.
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