Humans of Lincoln East: Peter Schmit


Photo by Peter Schmit

Peter Schmit with his guitar & his proud collection of all the Animorphs books.

“If you’re going to do something stupid, you might as well video it so that other people can get some enjoyment out of it in case you fail miserably.”
These wise words from Peter Schmit, a senior at East, shows just one attribute that makes him so unique.
Peter’s sisters Katherine, 19, and Madeline, 21, both attend UNL. Madeline was friends with the vocalist for the local band Motel Citizens, which was looking for a guitarist. Peter was asked to come and jam with the group, not knowing it was an audition. In 2018, the summer after his freshman year, Peter joined the band and has been with them since.
Motel Citizens has performed at Checkerfest, an event planned by other East students. The alternative rock band also plans on doing a drive-in performance sometime soon at The Bay. Music heard at these events, along with other pieces, can be found on the band’s EP called “Hey, There’s A Pool!” available on all streaming services. While this EP is super exciting, one of Peter’s goals for the band is to do a full album.
“In a few years,” Peter said, “hopefully we’ll have enough material that’s worth putting into one thing.” Something substantial like an hour-long album would be a really cool accomplishment to go along with their first EP and the second they’re currently working on.
Aside from playing guitar, Peter also has a YouTube channel, Surrealducks, where he creates animations and other things he thinks are funny. His proudest creation was when he edited an entire movie down to just moments of dialogue where conjunctions were used.
“It’s just like two straight minutes of ‘and,’ ‘but,’ and ‘or,’” Peter said. These two minutes took him about 16 hours to create. “I don’t know if I should be proud of that, but I sort of am.”
The impact of art has been a huge influence in Peter’s life. He actually would love to write a screenplay or novel, but struggles on finding where to start. He may not call this inspiration, but Peter’s full collection of the Animorphs books have also shaped him in a way.
“I have read and own every Animorphs book,” Peter said. “I always like flexing that on people…They are surprisingly compelling books.”
Along with the arts, Peter has also run the Lincoln Marathon.
“My feet did take me that distance,” Schmit said in surprise. His goal is to do more marathons and running, due to his enjoyment, even if he didn’t run the full way.
After graduation in May, Peter will be attending UNL to major in Anthropology.
“I just want to find a good balance, you know?” Peter said. “Make enough money to live, but not have my soul crushed… I guess what I’m saying is ‘be happy.”
His final words of wisdom: “If anyone knows where my BluRay DVD Combo Pack of TRON Legacy went, I really want to find it, so just let me know.” You can contact him on Instagram at @surrealducks, or, of course, by subscribing to his YouTube channel.