Block It Like It’s Hot crushes Dangerous Drillers


Photo by Hope Shortridge

Block It Like It’s Hot poses for a photo after a 2-0 win against Dangerous Drillers in the 1st annual football player volleyball game on November 11, 2021.

On Thursday, November 11, 2021 the “Dangerous Drillers” and “Block like its Hot” competed in a very intense game of volleyball to raise money for the Make a wish foundation. Student council set up an amazing opportunity to raise over $2000 for charity by planning a football player volleyball game. The game was full of students and parents cheering on their chosen side. It was a very close game, but Block it Like its Hot came out winning both sets 25-23.

Demetrious Bryant started off strong and served two aces for the first points of the game. White took their first timeout with the score at 10-5, with “Block it Like its Hot” still in the lead. With good efforts from Hayden Boyd and Billie Stephenson “Dangerous Drillers” put up a thrilling fight. In the end, Cooper Erikson served for game point and “Block it Like It’s Hot” won the first set with ease.

Starting back for the second set, “Block it Like its Hot” starts strong, receiving the first point of the set. After some good rallying back and forth, the score was tied at 13-13. “Block it” slowly started to fall apart, while the “Drillers” finally took the lead for the first time all night, making the score 16-14. The “Dangerous Drillers” continued to block and communicate well, but in the end “Block it Like it’s Hot” hits and serves got them back in the lead 24-23.

After a quick timeout by the “Drillers”, Demetrious Bryant served for game point. Konnor Keshawn, with a valiant effort, passed the ball out of bounds for “Block it Like it’s Hot” to take the win. To celebrate the win, the student section for the team immediately stormed the court and formed a dog pile on top of the players.

“I was so happy with my team’s performance,” said Coach Alexa Brown. “Their attitudes during the game made such a difference. They were all so competitive which made it really fun to win!”

“I was so happy, it felt like I had just won the state championship. The vibes were immaculate.” said Cooper Erikson after the big win.