College: All You Need to Know

College can be a stressful topic, especially if you don’t have the proper knowledge and resources. The school year is a quarter of the way finished, and deadlines are approaching quickly. With this being addressed, FAFSA applications, scholarships, college applications, EducationQuest, and more are all resources seniors should be aware of. The Lincoln East Counseling team is also available to assist with questions one might have.

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, is an application for students to fill out to receive aid from the federal government, in order to help pay for college. Individuals have to fill out the form each year before school starts in order to continue receiving aid. Once the form is filled out and received, the individual will receive a ‘student aid report’, dictating how much financial aid they will receive. Applications for FAFSA open October 1st, and the last day to file is June 1st.

For more information visit,How Financial Aid Works

Scholarships are another way that can provide financial relief on the burden of college. There are many local and nationwide scholarships to apply for, each ranging in amount. Even the lower amount of scholarships less than $1,000 are worth applying for as they can add up. ScholarshipQuest at is an easy way to find scholarships that are accessible to you. Fill out their general application with your information, review the list of scholarships they recommend based on your profile, and set text reminders in order to avoid missing deadlines. For more information about scholarships, make an appointment with your counselor.

College application deadlines are approaching quickly. Although deadlines are different for each school or university, November 1st is a common deadline for students applying for the fall semester of the next year. If individuals are applying to multiple schools, using the Common App, or Common Application, is a great option. The Common App allows individuals to create a standard application with the same information, so they don’t have to keep filling out the same information. Before choosing this option, make sure the schools you are applying to accept the common app, and put your counselors email that ends in, NOT

Lincoln East High School is hosting a College Fair for current juniors and seniors on Thursday October 6th, 2022, from 9-11 am. Around 50 schools from and around Nebraska will be in the gyms and available to provide information about their school and post-secondary education. In addition, on October 20th and 21st, East will have Apply2College Days, where college reps and counselors will be available to help students fill out applications. This will take place in the commons periods 1, 2, 3, 7, & 8.

For more information about college regarding applications, scholarships, financial aid, or other deadlines, schedule an appointment with your counselor and make sure to follow @lincolneastcounseling Instagram.

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