Spartan ESports club brings East into the world of gaming


Photo by Ava Bartels

Colin Nelson (junior) playing Overwatch on September 9th afterschool in the Spartan ESports Club. The people around him are playing Hartstone, Rocket League, and Overwatch.

At 3:15, on every Monday, Thursday and Friday, members of the Spartan ESports Club meet to collectively polish their competitive gaming skills. In room 135, East students are pushing the limit for how gaming can be done. Video games could be described as a carefree hobby, but at East and across the country, people realize gaming is a serious skill. With state-wide competitions, different games throughout every season, and freeplay Friday, there’s a place, and a game, for every gamer.

Spartan ESports is backed by the Nebraska Schools ESports Association, which organizes matchups between East and teams throughout the state. There’s currently around twenty to thirty people on the varsity teams, and they compete every week. And of course, there are varsity and jv teams for each video game they play. During the club meetings, everybody plays and competes in whatever game the club is playing during that part of the year. In the fall they play Overwatch, Rocket League, and Hartstone. In the winter they play Mario Kart, and the spring brings Smash Brothers Ultimate, Smite and Starcraft 2. The varsity teams practice on the earlier days of the week, and freeplay Fridays are reserved for anybody who wants to come in and have a good time. Ben Herbel is the teacher in charge of the ESports club, and he hopes more people will join the club.

“You don’t have to be the best at the game,” Herbel said. “We’re just here to be positive, make friends, hangout and drink Mountain Dew.”

There are a million opportunities for gamers, whether they have serious goals, or they just play for fun. Junior Colin Nelson has been in the club for a year and a half, and he loves the Esports club for that very reason.

“…it gives me the opportunity to form a hobby into a potential job opportunity. ” Nelson said.

The world of gaming has expanded in the last few years, and there are more opportunities than there’s ever been for gamers. And thankfully, the Spartan ESports Club is bringing East along for the ride.