Seven juniors closing the yearbook early


The seven juniors graduating early on May 25th 2022.

This year the class of 2022 will be walking the stage to claim their diplomas. Along with 561 other seniors, there will be seven juniors throwing their caps and gowns, saying goodbye to their high school years. With less than 30 school days left, these ambitious juniors are closing their yearbook, but this time just a little early.
It’s not that unusual to graduate early from high school. In past years there have been numerous students jump starting their lives after their junior year. This requires an aspiring attitude and high work ethic in order to fit 245 credits into just 6 semesters.
“I just felt staying another year would hold me back,” Brisa Odenthal said. “I was ready for something new.”
Brisa will have an experience as she is attending Weber State Universtiy which is located in Utah. There, she plans to major in political science. Brisa described her high school experience as “unexpected” which is understandable for these juniors.
Brick Stine described his high school experience as “quick” which makes sense as these juniors have had seemingly a small amount of normalcy to grow up in. Stine plans to attend the University of Nebraska and major in computer engineering.
The junior class experienced roughly ¾ of their freshman year as the school shut down during spring break following the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus. Ever since the initial shut down, things have felt anything but normal. During the students’ sophmore year, they were hybrid for a majority of the year and had to wear masks during any athletic or extra curricular activities they participated in. Their story slowly became very different from their expectations.
“I don’t think I could narrow it down to one word,” Emely Troy said. “High school in and of itself for everyone is a myriad of experiences, and adding on top of that a pandemic…” Troy is going to study abroad in Spain for a year, and then after she will return and attend the University of Nebraska.
This year, the masks returned, this time only staying for half of the year. These students have had a unique 3 years but most, especially these 7, have been able to find the light in their unpredictable high school experiences.
Jasmine Trosper expressed having a multitude of favorite high school memories. She especially enjoyed talking with her art teacher, Meza, and painting during her art class.
“I loved how much I challenged myself,” Trosper said. “The [way] things challenged my morals and beliefs is one of my most favorite things.” Trosper will be attending Southeast Community College and majoring in criminal justice.
The rest of the seven juniors wrapping up their high school career early are Marilyth Lopez, Kaelie Voss, and Madison Gaver. Again, these ladies, along with the other four, have displayed a tremendous amount of effort in order to graduate early.-
The graduation ceremony will be May 30th which is when these seven will officially be high school graduates. These juniors have shown perseverance through unpredictability ever since they entered East as freshmen. As they close their yearbooks, they are on their way to do great things, this time just fashionably early. Congratulations to these outstanding juniors, Madison Gaver, Brisa Odenthal, Brick Stine, Jasmine Trosper, Marilyth Lopez, Emely Troy, and Kaelie Voss.