East steals the show in Snaptraps 2022


Photo by Izzy Apel

Lily Lautenschlager preforms a dance routine during Snaptraps on February 24th.

On Thursday February 24th, the Lincoln East student council put on their annual talent show, SnapTraps. The event took place on the stage in the East auditorium. This year’s show featured 14 acts ranging from singing, dancing, instrument playing, and a color guard routine.
Despite the cancellation last year, Snaptraps returned this year better than ever. The show began with a short film which set the backstory and introduced the Western Theme.

“It was easier to interact with,” Hayley Doxon, co-chair of the Snaptraps committee, said. “I know the MCs really enjoyed being creative with the theme.”

The audience also embraced the theme by wearing jeans, cowboy hats, and boots. Both MC’s, Josh Rossman and Jake Buresh certainly added character to the show whether it be their lightsaber fights, jello jokes, or puns in between acts.

The first act was East’s very own dance team, the Appolonaires. Shortly after, junior Hannah Robb sang Easy on Me by Adele. She rocked the auditorium with her euphonious voice. The next act was “Falling Slowly”, a duet sung by Noah Lyons and Lainey Beran. Following the duet, Nicholas Le, a cellist played a beautiful piece. Bringing a new act, the stage was brought to life by Lily Lautenschlager dancing to All I know so far by Pink. She had the audience in the palm of her hand as she executed an amazing solo.

“I am an adaptive dancer so I dance using my wheelchair,” Lautenschlager said. “Being up on that stage it felt really good to show what I can do and share what I love with other people.”

The final act before intermission featured Abby Lewis singing “At Last” by Etta James. During Intermission, Jake Buresh entertained the crowd by eating a burrito without his hands. Many students from the audience ran onstage and cheered as he finished the endeavor. It was hilarious to watch as Buresh was quite literally nose deep in guacamole, beef, and cheese.

On the heels of intermission was Eden Schmidt singing “Is that Alright” by Lady Gaga. After her, two student council members, Stella Tidball and Kia Reyes lip sang to “Love is an Open Door” from the classic Frozen movie. Proceeding to the previous act, was Jay Labrum, who sang “Lost Boy” by Ruth B. Beran took the stage once again, this time to sing her own solo, “Love’s Philosophy” Roger Quilter. On the heels was Ethan Shelburn, who performed an amazing color guard routine. Shelburn had the crowd excited as he did the splits and caught the flag midway through the routine. Then a surprise act took the stage, Guor Chuol and Tula Waite, who sang “When I was your Man”.Waite and Chuol alternated between singing and playing the piano which was remarkable. Ella Swank put on the second to last act singing “When he sees me”. Not only was she acting, but she also had some small acting and speaking in the middle of her song which presented personality. The final act of the night was Eli Shane. Shane grasped the audience with his voice as he sang “So will I” while playing the piano.

“The atmosphere was definitely great,” Lautenschlager. “It was so much better than it has been in the past years. We just had a lot more people and more school spirit.”