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Humans of East – Ms. Josie Gilligan

Humans of East - Ms. Josie Gilligan

Faqeha Qureshi, Staff Writer

October 26, 2020

Ms. Josie Gilligan is a first-year chemistry teacher here at East High School. She has shown a love for science a majority of her life. During her sophomore year of college at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Ms. Gilligan worked as a laboratory assistant. Her original plan when attending school was...

Humans of Lincoln East – Aaron Zart

Mr. Zart at the piano

Sam Chebuhar, Staff Writer

October 22, 2020

When Aaron Zart was asked how he felt about coming into his first year of teaching at East he said this: “I was nervous, but also just excited. I was excited to meet a completely new group of students and develop those relationships. That’s my favorite part of the job, hands down.” Mr. Zart may...

Humans of Lincoln East – Nancy Tran

Nancy Tran, a junior here at East High, is an avid student in the East community. Involved in numerous extracurricular activities such as, student council, key club, and HOSA, Nancy has maintained a busy schedule.

Kamryn Snyder, News Editor

October 20, 2020

High school is a time of self discovery and growth for every student, and for Nancy Tran this is most certainly true. Throughout these last 3 years, Nancy has evolved as a person and discovered what is truly important to her in life. Since her freshman year of high school, she has matured into a person...

Humans of East- Toni Seidel-Dutton

Ava Bartels, Staff

October 14, 2020

The only way to really understand someone is to realize that, “We are more alike than we are different.” Toni Seidel-Dutton, is an English teacher here at East who teaches a copious amount of classes. A couple of years ago she left Southwest High School, to teach at East. She relishes in helping...

Humans of East – Julia Cooper

Humans of East - Julia Cooper

Cady Blackstock, Staff Writer

October 14, 2020

“If you’re questioning your worth and who you are to fit somebody else's standards of who they think you should be, you need to remove yourself from that situation,” new East Spartan and sophomore Julia Cooper said. Julia started dancing at age 11 and now spends most of her days, nights, and weekends...

Humans of Lincoln East – Carol Cruickshank

Humans of Lincoln East - Carol Cruickshank

Madalynn Abele, Staff Writer

October 9, 2020

When stepping into the East High Counseling Center, a student may be looking to make a schedule change, asking for help with a college application, or wondering what scholarships are available to them. What’s the one thing these all have in common? A student pushing themselves toward a certain goal....

Humans of Lincoln East- Evy Isom

Evy Isom playing her guitar.

Devon Beechley, Staff

October 2, 2020

“Power through it, don’t give up”, wise words from a hard working student attending our very own school. At first glance, Evy Isom, Lincoln East junior, may seem like a normal junior wandering the halls of East. However, as I have come to learn, she is a genuinely warm, caring, and fascinating...

Humans of Lincoln East – Hannah Robb

Humans of Lincoln East - Hannah Robb

Joel Bierbower, Staff Writer

September 30, 2020

We all have something deep inside that is present from the moment we’re born, whether it’s a skill, talent, or passion. We are each blessed with a gift that makes us unique. Sophomore Hannah Robb is no exception. She discovered her passion for music early. In addition to her father’s influence,...

Humans of Lincoln East- Marcus Schmidt

Mr. Schmidt at his desk!

Camden Cohn, Sports Editor

September 30, 2020

Marcus Schmidt is anything but your typical high school science teacher. Granted, he enjoys spending time with his kids like almost any parent but other than that, he’s as unique as can be. When I went into his office to interview him, the first thing that I noticed was that there was a 60 pound dumbbell...

Humans of Lincoln East: Anna Renard

Humans of Lincoln East: Anna Renard

Julia Ehlers, Editor in Chief

September 21, 2020

Everything about this school year has been different so far. From interviewing senior Anna Renard over Zoom instead of in person, to her juggling of A and B days, and the way her passion for music has been affected, nothing has been left untouched by coronavirus. But you’ve got to make the best of...

A Spotlight on Principal Susan Cassata, Nebraska Principal of the Year

Susan Cassata, Principal at East High School, was recently awarded the National Association for Secondary School Principals 2020 Nebraska Principal of the Year, making her eligible for the National Teacher of the Year award.

Julia Ehlers, Staff Writer

May 18, 2020

East High School Principal Sue Cassata has been awarded the 2020 Nebraska State Principal of the Year, and it’s not by accident. Ms. Cassata is truly in it for the students and staff she works with everyday. Any students who have gotten to work with Ms. Cassata have likely experienced this: she asks...

Eyes on East Heroes: Robert Perales

Robert Perales

February 5, 2020

This week’s East Hero is Robert Perales, a member of East’s campus security staff. He’s been working in a security role at East since August of 2006, but has been working with kids in some way or another since 1993. Before he was at East, Mr. Perales was working in the Las Vegas school district...

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